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With expertise in high-end architecture and interior design, Victoria Benatar, Architect PLLC transforms your dream home into a reality.  The firm increases value of properties by creating customized designs that are well-balanced and tasteful.




Type: Residential
Date: 2007
Size: 800 sqft

We created this roof as an addition to the existing Pent House below. A custom wooden staircase was added to the PH to provide direct access to the roof deck. We left the existing building roof untouched and built an engineered metal structure above to support the new deck. IPE wood was used all throughout because it is very hard and resistant making it perfect for NY weather. Stainless steel and wooden railings divide the roof into three sections, a sitting area with planters, an area covered with wooden louvers that allow the light to come through and a sun deck, in order to enjoy this exterior space throughout the year. The wood and steel combination was used to create a cozy yet contemporary space that offers a spectacular view of the big apple.




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